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CIA Abbreviation for Central Intelligence Agency. Two notable historic functions of the CIA have been infiltrating the media and regime change. From 2016 onward, the CIA trained these functions on its enemies domestically. Its long-time media mouthpiece is the Washington Post.

FBI Abbreviation for Federal Bureau of Investigation. Infiltrating US political organizations since at least the 1950s and inciting criminal activity using agents provocateurs. Summary of recent FBI corruption as of late 2021 is here. More. Despite the FBI`s widely-reported involvement in crime and corruption since 2016, none of its 35,000 employees have come forward as whistleblowers. Most if not an overwhelming number may be aligned with the GAE Regime`s ideology as shown by rank-and-file FBI kneeling to BLM during the protests and riots in mid-2020. Its long-time media mouthpiece is the New York Times.