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Regime use of Sunni Islamists


President of Afghanistan (2001-2014), Hamid Karzai, interviewed by Spiegel in 2021:
A key moment for me was a meeting with senior U.S. policymakers in Washington in 2013, including President Jimmy Carter`s now-deceased former national security adviser [1977-1981], Zbigniew Brzezinski. When I asked whether it was true that America was deliberately promoting radical Islamist forces in Afghanistan and the region, Brzezinski said, yes, they wanted to create as many conflict zones around the USSR as possible, a so-called "arc of crisis”, and that the Soviet invasion was a good opportunity to carry this out. I replied that Islamist extremism had been gravely strengthened as a result and had grown into the danger it is today. Brzezinski replied that from a historical perspective, the rise of a few Islamists was "irrelevant" compared to the failure of communism.
As elaborated upon by Karzai in his Spiegel interview, the US and its allies have used Sunni Islamists against their rivals since at least 1980.`