12-Hourly Reports


Google is the most important private sector component of the GAE Regime's information warfare capabilities. As part of its private-public collaboration with the Regime, Google surveils its users, promotes the narrative, and censors and deplatforms alternatives. It does so using Google Search, Google News, YouTube, Google Drive, Google Chrome, Google Play, Android, Adsense, DoubleClick, Waze and other "free" services in its portfolio (and paid ones such as Fitbit and Nest).

To more easily track the Regime narrative promoted by Google via Google News, CMW.News aims to publish the Google News Top Story twice daily: at noon and midnight Greenwich Mean Time (UTC+00 and UTC+12, respectively). In the past, the Top Story has mostly been the storyline with which the Regime aims to dominate the news cycle. If the news cycle was dominated by a storyline at odds with the Regime narrative, the Top Story attacked it.

The key attack vector on alternative storylines is from Regime-aligned sources against non-Regime sources. An example is the New York Times and FBI private-public collaboration against Project Veritas. In that case, the Top Story was the New York Times article attacking Project Veritas.


223 USĀ¢ price per round of .223 Remington ammunition. Price is realtime lowest offer of 1000 to 2000 brass-cased new-condition rounds with free shipping in the Continental US.

BTC USD price per Bitcoin. Price is realtime last traded on OTC markets.

WTI USD price per barrel of West Texas Intermediate crude oil. Price is delayed front (spot) futures contract last traded on NYMEX.

XAU USD price per troy ounce of gold. Price is delayed front (spot) futures contract last traded on COMEX.