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 9h US
2022-09-25 UTC+00 MARKETS: 223 = 36ยข / BTC = $18,912 / WTI = $79.43 / XAU = $1,651.70 / CMW.News

 9h US
2022-09-25 UTC+00 GOOGLE*: Tropical Storm Ian: Where will it land in Florida? Here is the latest satellite radar, pathway - FOX 35 Orlando / Google News* ✚ CMW.News

 3m US
FBI Responds To Whistleblower Saying Child Abuse Cases Being Dropped In Favor Of Jan. 6 / Zero Hedge

55m YE
24 al-Qaida members killed in anti-terror operations in southern Yemen / Middle East News

 1h SE
In Sweden, talking about race and intelligence will get you a fine / Emil Kirkegaard

 2h US
Fentanyl crisis plagues L.A. schools; major busts reported in Arizona, Colorado / CBS News*

 2h IQ
Iraqi soldier, 2 IS militants killed in clashes near Baghdad / Middle East News

 3h DE
The tendency to envy others is a rather stable personality trait that is more pronounced in younger people and women / Rolf Degen on Twitter

 4h SE
Two Bombings in One Night? That's Normal Now in Sweden / Common Sense

 5h US
The Push and Pull Dynamics of White Flight: A Study of the Bronx Between 1950 and 1980 / Steve Sailer on Unz

 5h UA
Rekindling Its Iraq WMD Fiasco The New York Times Is Back At Printing 'Officials Said' / Moon of Alabama

 6h US
Donald Trump Offers Tribute To Conservative Teen Murdered Because Of His Politics While Biden & Mainstream Media Remain Silent / National File

 6h KP
North Korea to test a submarine-launched ballistic missile, South Korea reports / AsiaNews

 7h GR
Greek Border Guards detain 1,500 illegal immigrants from Turkey in a single day / Greek City Times

 8h CN
No Visible Police Presence Reported in Beijing Amid Coup Plot Rumors / South Africa Today

 8h GB
UK: Islamists call for mass mobilisation outside Hindu temple in London falsely accusing it of sending busloads of RSS workers to Leicester / OpIndia

 9h GB
UK Govt May Scrap China-Like Crackdown on 'Legal but Harmful' Speech from Online Safety Bill / Breitbart

10h ML
Mali post-coup PM denounces France, salutes Russia at UN / Yahoo News*

10h LB
Death toll from Lebanon migrant boat tragedy rises to 89 / Al Jazeera

11h DE
Crime: Berlin bans mention of migration background / Free West Media

12h NG
Bandits Invade Mosque, Killed 15 Worshippers / Naija News

13h IR
Iran protests: Raisi to 'deal decisively' with widespread unrest / BBC*

13h DE
German City of Hanover to Reserve One-Third of Jobs for Migrants / Breitbart

14h PK
More than 4,800 Shias killed in sectarian violence in Pakistan over past 8 years: Report / OpIndia

14h MZ
The latest #CaboLigado monthly report covers the insurgency's effects on mining in southern Cabo Delgado, new academic research on the insurgency, parallels between the current conflict and Mozambique's previous civil war, and more. / ACLED on Twitter*

17h US
Panic Mode: Democrats Dump Millions Into Deep Blue Oregon as Governor's Race Declared a Toss-Up / National File

17h US
Joe Biden Says More Creepy Stuff About a Woman in Audience, She was 12 and I was 30 / Last Refuge

21h ET
One killed in air strike in Ethiopia's Tigray, hospital says / Reuters Africa on Twitter

22h IT
Shock: EU commission president threatens Italy on eve of election, says Brussels has 'tools' if wrong parties win / Remix

22h BR
Moment Brazilian 'Tinder Swindler' nabbed by cops after 'ripping 7 wealthy women with sob story about being an orphan' / The Sun

23h AF
Several killed, injured in blast at Afghanistan mosque / TRT World

24h DK
Denmark's new digital ID system risks locking some people out of society / Reclaim the Net

 1d CO
Will Colombia legalize cocaine? Nation's president declares the War on Drugs has been lost / Daily Mail

 1d US
3 people gunned down in Chicago suburb before shooter found dead in burning home / NBC News*

 1d RU
Russian men join exodus, fearing call-up to fight in Ukraine / Washington Times

 1d DE
Inside the German Fedposting Machine / The Burkean

 1d MX
11 police hurt at Mexico protest over missing students / Manila Times

 1d US
Illegal Alien Jihadi Gets 30 Years in Prison for ISIS-Style Attack on NYPD Officers / Breitbart

 1d RU
WATCH: World on Brink of Nuclear War as Putin Mobilizes Armed Forces / Infowars

 1d BE
Brussels terror attacks trial postponed over 'glass box' bungle / France 24

 1d CA
Canada Called Itself a Genocide State. Iran Was Listening / Quillette

 1d US
NBA Star Kyrie Irving Slams Eric Adams' Vaccine Mandate, Calls it 'One Of The Biggest Violations of Human Rights In History' / National File



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